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SEO best practices to maximize your online presence - A magnifying mirror of search engine results.

maximizing your online presence seo best practices

Over 94% of people using Google look at the first page of results and click on the first three results. 83% of people worldwide use Google, but this concept applies to every search engine. So what do you do if your website appears on the 12th page instead of the first page? You’re here, and you’re still wondering what SEO is!

Search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing a website or web page to increase the quality and quantity of traffic from a search engine’s organic results.

SEO is also a digital marketing strategy that focuses on your website’s presence on search engines like Google.

You can categorize SEO tactics into buckets.
On-page SEO:

  1. All on-page SEO strategies happen on your website.
  2. Off-page SEO: All off-page SEO strategies happen off your website.

Both of these categories aim to make your website friendlier as well as more trustworthy to users and search engines. When search engine crawlers see how friendly your website is, it increases its chance of ranking well for different searches.

To explain more, what do “on-page and “off-page mean?

On the one hand, the on-page factors are what they sound like: things that are on the page: title tags, content, image alt tags, internal links. On the other hand, off-page factors are almost entirely based on links to your site from other sites.

Today, search engines use more than 200 different factors to generate search results. In other words, a lot of different elements influence your placement in search results.

The benefits of SEO are obvious: free and passive traffic to your website.

Have you ever asked yourself how SEO works?

Search engines are like libraries for the digital age; instead of storing copies of books, they store copies of web pages. When you type a query into a search engine like Google, it looks through all the pages in its index and will immediately post the most relevant results. meaning that it works by demonstrating to search engines that your content is the best result for the topic at hand. Originally, search engines functioned by tracking all the words on websites. If you searched for “iClik”, you’d get back a list of websites containing those two keywords. The websites that contained those keywords would rank at the top.

<>In addition, websites are graded by search engines based on two main criteria:

Backlinks and keywords Websites that are often referred to by other websites, or backlinked, are more likely to be considered relevant by search engines. Websites are ranked by the number and quality of backlinks to them from other websites.
Keywords let Google see your website and know what it is about, while backlinks determine how much Google trusts your site to be relevant. Both keywords and backlinks are essential in moving your website up the search results.

The search engines have spiders that collect all kinds of information about your website and the pages that make up your site. This allows them to easily determine when to serve a searcher a page on your site. They collect things like page speed, title tags, social signals, internal linking, backlinks, etc.

As we mentioned earlier, with over 200 ranking factors that Google uses in their algorithm, there are numerous things to consider and actions that can be taken to try to optimize a website. There are both on-page and off-page ranking factors that determine how well your site is optimized and, therefore, how well it ranks.

Is using SEO worth it for your business’s growth?

Growing your business through SEO is worth it because now you can focus on the exact target audience or people you want to visit your website. Especially if you have a small business and you want it to reach an important number of views and visitors in the right way, SEO has many benefits. For example, it’s free and has passive traffic to your website.

And luckily, iClik is an agency that can provide your business with the highest quality of service. And will help your business grow on many levels, starting from web design to SEO. If you want to take your optimization to the next level, we’re eager and willing to help you.

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